5 Reasons to Get Your AC Checked

As a car owner do you keep a close eye on the functioning of your car air conditioner? If not, it’s time you got it checked. You might think your AC is working just fine but think again. With some usage over time, air ducts in a car accumulate dirt, germs, and get clogged due to dust particle and AC gas might be low which affects it’s functioning.

We will list 5 reasons why you should not delay any further and get your AC checked.

  1. It’s Summer Time!

    Summer is here, and it’s staying a while. The breakdown of the AC unit in winters would have been unacceptable too, but in summers it would be nothing short of a horror. You don’t want to get baked. The very idea of a potential breakdown of AC is discomforting.

  2. Whirring Noises

    The clogged ducts don’t allow air to circulate freely, and as a result, they create whirring noises. While it might not be deafening, it’s definitely no music to the ear.

  3. Foul Smell

    Yes, laden with dirt and dampness, the clogged duct develop and release foul smell into the interiors of your car which can be a big turn off. Total mood spoiler.

  4. Health Hazard

    An unsanitary AC is potent of becoming a breeding house for moulds and bacterias. It may cause allergies and serious respiratory problems. And a person with asthma can get severely affected by the degradation in the indoor air quality.

  5. Inefficient Cooling + Increased Fuel Consumption

    Reduced level of the refrigerant gas causes the AC to cool inefficiently, as a result you keep it turned on for longer rather than using the fan function to recirculate the cooled air. As you must know, the AC in the car uses energy supplied to it by the alternator. This energy is coming from the engine, which is using the fuel in your fuel tank. As a result, your fuel consumption increases.

Air con-01You see how important it is to sanitise the AC duct system in the car, for your well being and ones dear to you. Timely maintenance is indispensable to ensure each component of the AC remains in perfect condition. Sanitization must be undertaken regularly. A professional has to be entrusted with the responsibility of air duct cleaning. This guarantees of getting appropriate repair solutions.

So, wait not further. Get your AC checked and sanitised with GoMechanic, at your doorstep and SAVE Rs. 200/– against market price.

Also, an AC check will tell if all components are functioning well or not and if you need an AC Service; whether the expansion valves and orifice tubes have a blockage, or the compressor is faulty, or the refrigerant gas needs top up. If need be, we also offer the service for AC Gas Top-Up/ Recharge and Complete AC Service.

We do a holistic diagnosis of vehicles and fix them good. Visit our website, or download the GoMechanic app to choose from our range of Basic, Standard and Comprehensive services at the convenience of a tap.

Also, if you like, you may call us at +91-9999446568 or even WhatsApp us on the same.


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