The Fault in Our Stars or…not? Definitely NOT!

Many of you must be having sheer faith in the power of destiny, horoscope readings being a real booster for you when it comes to dreams and ambitions and pretty much every thing in your life. This article is for all of you destiny believers who think that a story has been written for them and are also, crazy for cars! Read on to know which car is in your stars…

  1. ARIES

 Mars is the ruling planet for Aries which lends them an impeccably confident persona. They are authoritative, bold and always lead the way to steal the show, with bright colors like red, scarlet and crimson complimenting them. When it comes to roads, they cannot be tamed! Speed and thrill are the adrenaline boosters for them and nothing less than a Hummer or sports car like Ferrari can satiate their dominance on roads…



Venus rules for the Taureans and consequently they get the practicality and sensibility in their genes. Colors like pink ( a bit girly.. huh?) and white resemble the complacent and resolved personalities they have, not forgetting the high standards. Land Rover and Volkswagen Beetle are the perfect picks for them… surely no compromise with quality or comfort there!



Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which renders the dual nature in them, often symbolized by twins. Though they keep changing their preferences and are moody, they are highly creative and adventurous. Cool, funky colors like green suit them the best. However, due to their duality, they are extremely picky when it comes to cars. Mercedes SUV and Jaguar XJ are the optimum options for them to choose from, as they can feed their high-ending and flexible demands. At least until they don’t start second guessing!



Moon is the ruling planet for this sign. Cancerians are a bit introverted but with strong emotional quotient. Blood does have a powerful symbolic meaning to them when it comes to their families. They hold loyalty above anything in the world. Cool and serene colors like sea green, aqua, white describe their aura perfectly. Coming to roads, they don’t have a fancy for the pomp and show and believe in the beauty of simplicity. Family cars like Volkswagen Polo, Ford Figo and Swift Dzire compel to them the most!


  1. LEO

This is the royal sign among all the zodiacs and is governed by Sun. Expectantly, bold colors like gold, orange and yellow flatter their flamboyant character eminently. Stardom is their prime aspiration and will never miss a single chance to boast their assets. They enjoy the luxuries of life in full senses and cars like Porsche 911 and Cadillac aid them into gaining and sustaining their glitzy image. For those who are a little more hungry for fame, a Limo is what you need! 😉



  1. VIRGO

Virgos are the second sign ruled by mercury, but hail their stars, unlike Gemini they aren’t of the twin nature nor too unstable in their choices. One thing that they are particular about is hygiene and order! Be it home, be it workplace or be it their car… making it likely for them to consider a whole wide range of factors before buying a car. For an organized and planned individual as them, somber but solid cars like Volkswagen Jetta and Nissan Sunny in light pastel hues will do just perfect.


  1. LIBRA

Ruled by the day house of Venus, Librans have a pleasant personality and a luring social life. Kind at heart, these people value relationships a lot and will always make decisions considering this. But, this gentleness is not to be taken for granted. Despite the softness, they never forget to examine things in and out before even laying hands on it! Thus, the top cliché brands Rolls Royce, BMW and Mercedes will only be fair to their psychology, and a blue shade to it will just alleviate the experience altogether.



Scorpio’s ruling planet is, again, Mars with the best suited color being scarlet.  An air of mysticism flows around them which makes them look discreet… Subtle on the outside but dynamic & vibrant on the inside! To meet their secretive and highly overpowering energy, cars like Honda Civic and Merc E Class are recommended which seem calm but behold an unadulterated power!

maxresdefault (1)


Ruled by Jupiter, they are the free spirited, optimistic birds who listen to no one but themselves. They are the unconventional ones who never play by the book. Sophistication along with prestige makes the right recipe for the cars they look for, managing to compliment their bold and appealing impression. The unconventional colors like bright yellow with SUVs of Toyota and Volkswagen portray them flawlessly!



People under this sign have a certain gravity around them & hold deep meanings to their words, going well with subtle color combinations of black and white, or even brown and khaki. They believe in sustainability and reliability; knowing that all that glitter ain’t gold! Long term investments is a safe bet for them, Jeeps and SUVs being at the delivery end to meet their needs. Rolls Royce and Hummer H2 are meant to be the luxury class vehicles for them, proving they only worry about quality not the money…


Aquarians are the most unorthodox lot, breaking all the norms along their way. They are very anarchic in their thinking, revamping all the paths they cross for the better, thoughtful and smart options. An oddball by heart, they love to take the road not taken, be it via a bike, a car or an unconventional energy source. Vintage cars such as those of Austin Motors and Fiat are likely to be their top picks, Fiat super select 1962 & Austin Somerset 1952 being some of them… could we thank them any more for revisiting our long lost heritage?



Pisceans display certain amounts of gentleness and empathy and are quite disconnected from the worldly measures. They seem to be attracted to more pale colors, owing to their classy taste and understanding personality. they tend to keep things simple and avoid extravagant cars. Finest picks for them are Volkswagen Beetle and Mitsubishi Mirage, just the type they love, good speed and decently powered engine!




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